Mad Mama Outburst!!

I'm gonna get semi-political here....so put on your rain suit...it could get messy.

I was doing my usual search for useless knowledge Friday, when I come across the article on MSNBC about the baby girl in Brazil. Click HERE for the article.

I was so angry. A precious, not to mention beautiful, baby was sent adrift in a tied up plastic trash bag on a board. True it was in a lake in a very popular park....but that is no justification. Thankfully, someone thought it was an animal being abused and tried to get the bag to shore. He succeeded and can you image the shock he felt when he tore open that bag and saw they baby girl all dressed in pink and then when she smiled at him. I'm teary just remember the video. And then the hundreds of people that were at the hospital wanting to adopt her. GOOD FOR THEM!!! I truly hope the police don't believe the mother's excuse that she was too poor to take care of the child so she gave her to homeless people. Hello???

Or the lady in Texas, I have blocked out her name sorry, that drowned her children while her husband was at work. What the heck!!!! If you don't want or can't handle your children anymore, call a shelter or call the police before you kill them.

Why can't some people see how precious children are??? And how in the world can they do such things to their OWN children??? It's bad enough that children have to fear strangers, but to fear their own parents??? What a horrible fate. I would hate to think that Pat Bentar's song "Hell is for Children" is true for some--but unfortunately I know it is.

What started this rant you ask....well first off the Brazil baby story--but Frog Legs had a cool Wordless Wednesday that just made me feel the need to vent. Take a look it....it made me everything but wordless!!!!

Now for a semi-funny story....When the Texas child massacre happened, I followed it in the news. Listening to the radio every morning in the car while taking the boys to daycare. Anyway, when the verdict finally came in and was announced on the radio I laughed out loud and I am sure called that lady a horrible name in front of my kids. Ashton asked me why I was glad she was going to prison. So I told him what she had done to her kids. He just had the deer in the headlights look while taking it all in. That night after supper he asked me if they were taking baths. I said "yes, you always do." Then he kinda leads into a scenario of bath time. Something like----

"You're going to run our bathwater??? "
"Yes, and put in the bubble bath"
"Then you and Alec are going to get undressed and go potty"
"Then you and Alec are going to get in the bathtub"
"Then I am going to wash your and Alec's hair"
"Then I am going to scrub your dirty little bodies"
(I still hadn't snapped to where he was going with this)
"Well, I guess you guys will play and make a big mess for me to clean up in the bathroom"
"Then after I complain about the mess, you two will get out and I will dry you off."
"So you're not going to drown us??"

I know my eyes bugged out then got all teary. I just grabbed him and hugged him and told him no --never.


Blogger Chris said...

Lisa Simpson was very close... The only question now is, "Is George Jetson the correct answer?" :)

Name That Toon

2/05/2006 12:05 PM  
Blogger drama mama said...

That Susan Smith story freaks me out. I didn't watch the news through that whole ordeal because that story brought on panic attacks.

There are so many sicko people.

2/06/2006 12:41 PM  

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