Holy Shiitake Mushrooms, Batman!!!

Last night was memorable.

I had just got to sleep, around midnight, and all of a sudden AJ (17) comes into my room and whispers...

"Mom, Mom--there is someone in the computer room. I saw him walk across the room!!"

(note: The computer room is where the house got broken into right before
Christmas. We now lock the door that goes to it...but the door has a glass
window on top.)

"What!!!" and I get up to investigate.
My heart is racing, stomach is flip-flopping thoughts of my unconscious body on the floor and no one to protect my children were running through my head.
I go thru AJ's room, which has a direct view of the computer room.
(note: AJ is 17, 6'2" and a 2nd degree black belt...and he went back to bed.
What a brave man!!)
I couldn't see anything. I have my metal cop flashlight in hand and I start walking towards the computer room door. I have never wished that I wasn't alone so much in my life. I get to the door, look thru the window and I don't see anything. So I unlock the deadbolt and go out there--nothing. I go to the back door and it's still locked.
"Deep Sigh"
I look out the back and the gate is still closed so I head back into the house, re-locking the door behind me.

I go into AJ's room and asked him what he saw. He said a guy with a hat that had a brim that went all the way around the hat. Then I asked him what he did before bed, played Halo he said. What level??? I don't remember, we were on the island.


I was the victim of his sleep walking/dreaming again. He didn't even remember it this morning. So from now on, the X-box gets turned off at 9 pm.

I guess I should of known better, the dogs never woke up until I got out of bed.


Blogger drama mama said...

At least you looked around before calling the cops! I would have called them first, then they would have thought I was an idiot!

Glad you're all safe!

2/03/2006 9:19 AM  
Blogger Chris said...

Nice blog!!! Oh yeah, come back to my site tomorrow to see if "lisa simpson" was right or not!

Name That Toon

2/03/2006 10:18 AM  
Blogger Dubs said...

LOL on no! You poor things. :) When did his sleep walking start?


2/03/2006 5:53 PM  
Blogger peebugg said...

kdubs: He has been sleep walking or sleep acting since he was about 3. He even once got out the front door when he was about 5 and I caught him on the front porch. If you approach him when he is doing this you have to from behind and get your arms around him and his arms fast. Because of the twa-kwon-do training....he almost hit me once.

I used to do it too....so I know where he gets it from...

2/04/2006 5:20 PM  
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