I've Thrown Out the Manual

When we got Sydney last March, I was determined to have the perfectly trained dog. One that behaved, could walk without a leash and not run off and mind me when I told her to do something. My friend Lisa has a dog like that, so I knew it was possible.

So, I bought a highly recommended dog training book and followed every rule. Didn't punish the dog unless you caught them in the act. Never used her name when in anger--all the stuff.

Well, I am here to tell you it didn't work. Once again, I came home and she got out of the pen, got in the house via the doggie door and took out 3 brand new boxes of Kleenexes and took them into the front yard and shredded them. My front yard looked like a victim of a parade or silly string invasion or something. I walked in and didn't say anything and then I walked out into the yard and started picking up the mess then she came out, saw me and what I was doing and ran back inside and hid under my bed. She knew what she did was wrong and she knew I was mad. Yes, I understand she gets bored during the day and does these things, but it still doesn't make it right.

So tonight, after picking up the tissue mess, I once again modified her dog pen and then I went in the house. She heard me come back in and she went back under my bed. So I reached under it and grabbed her by the tail and pulled her out, grabbed her by the collar and tightened it so she couldn't slip out (as she always does) and I drug her outside to her pen. If she tried to fight me she got a firm nudge with my foot to make her keep going. She has been in her pen for almost 40 minutes now and still hasn't gotten out. Maybe I figured it out finally. I will leave her in there for a while longer than let her in for the night. There is a dog house in the pen, lots of toys, water, food and even some doggie treats (yes even get guilt with her) so she is not doing without and it's not too cold out tonight.

My parents keep telling me to get rid of her. But, to me, animals aren't disposable. I do love her and Ashton is very much taken with her. So, it's down to tough love.

She will behave!
She will not sleep on my bed!
She will leave my $80 pair of shoes alone!

She will be a good dog!!!


Blogger drama mama said...

You're very patient. A better woman than me!

2/03/2006 10:20 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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3/16/2007 6:01 PM  

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