Can't think of a title

First off....I have a foot thing. Not like a foot fetish--more like a foot anti-fetish.
I can't stand for anyone to touch my feet. Especially my toes. It was torture for me when my parents did the "this lil' piggy went to market thing". I don't really care for messing with other people's feet either. I clean my sons' toes and stuff and do all the hygiene to them, but that's it.

I normally don't run around barefoot too much. Usually have on socks or peds or something if not shoes.

Anyway, right after our house was broken into and my purse stole--I had to do some modifications to secure the house. One was to somehow make an inside doggie door. We have some stained glass around and inside door and there was also some wood below the glass. Anyway, I removed the wood and saw that they had put the wood there because the glass was broken down low. So I removed some of the broken glass, modified the wood and instant doggie door. That was on the 24th, on the 26th I had left my shoes out in the computer room which is the room the new doggie door leads into. So I ran out there barefooted and stepped on this huge piece of glass. I guess it didn't make it into the trash can. I sat down and got the glass out and headed for the bathroom to clean it up. It was a deep cut and it looked like someone had been murdered in the computer room with all the puddles of blood. After I got it cleaned and band-aided I cleaned up the mess, put on socks and shoes.

Well, up until last night that cut had still been very sore. My mom kept telling me not to pick at it. I finally gave in last night and after soaking it in the bathwater, I picked at it. I took out a huge piece of glass. So I have been walking around for about a month with a piece of glass in the bottom of my foot.

The good news is.....It doesn't hurt anymore. I had to share....I did what my mother told me to do....and she wasn't right........
bwa-ha-hahahahaha (evil laugh)
I love it when I'm right!!!!