What NOT to do before bed!!!

Last night as I was cooking dinner, I noticed that my oven was really dirty. So, after dinner and the clean up process I set the self-cleaning oven thingie. I'm guessing I didn't do it right because around 1:00 am I woke up to a burning smell. I jumped out of bed went to the furnace, nothing near it or on it, check the curling iron not on, checked the computer-nothing, looked outside and didn't see anything burning. Just as I was going to my room to put on shoes, I saw the lights on on the oven. The self-cleaning thingie finally kicked in. Freaked out that it wouldn't turn off right, I just turned it off. Then the dishwasher started about 45 minutes later. It has a delay switch and I had forget I set it to start that late...so I jumped up freaked out again until I woke up all the way and realized what it was.

I hate self inflicted wake-ups!!!