Well, my mom is doing better. Just a bruised tailbone. She is just sore , but on the mend. She went to a chiropractor and he said she would be sore for about 4 days, but nothing broken. But I now go by their house for my lunch hour and do a load of laundry and unload the dishwasher for her, and empty the trashes. Not really a lunch hour, but it is helping with the guilt.

Then.....Sunday, my washing machine died. When we went over to my parents' house it was running and 8.5 hours later when we returned...it was still running. It would fill and agitate but not spin, drain or stop.....So, Monday I went and sold 40 of my vacation hours and bought a really cool new Maytag one. (Sad that I get excited over household appliances) and I had $20.00 to spare so I ran around town and finally found the 4 parts I needed to hook up my portable dishwasher to the hot water for my washing machine. My washer and dryer are in the kitchen....it's a really old house. All the guys at the plumbing shops I went into thought I was on a "Mission Impossible", but 1.5 hours later and 5 visits to 3 different shops.....I "got'er dun".

I have lost 20 lbs since New Years...."Woo-Hoo".....and my ankles have actually stopped swelling like I was 14 months pregnant. They have been doing that every day since I had Alec on July 17, 2001. So it's so cool....I HAVE ANKLES!!!! and I have them all day not just in the morning!!!!! Of course 18 lbs of the weight loss is most likely water....but hey...a smaller number on the scale is always a good sign!!!!

and......last night I was listening to Launch Cast and "Best Man" by Blaine Lawson (it's either Lawson or Larson--my eyes were too teared up to read it non-blurred) came on. I have never really paid attention to this song...I did this time....I must of cried thru the whole song....then "I wanna make you cry" came one. I can't remember who it is by....and yes...I continued crying. I have no idea why I like songs that make me cry.....but they are just so cool. I couldn't get them out of my head all day today and it felt good.

Do you have any songs that you love that make you cry everytime you listen to them??