Have you ever seen the movie "Signs"??

I love that movie and not because of the aliens. Most people only walked away from that movie with the thought of aliens invading the earth, here is what I walked away with:
Everything happens for a reason.

It might be a horrible thing, like his wife getting killed, but her last words of advice saved them in the end. Even though her death was horrible, it happened for a reason, so she could pass on valuable advice.

His daughter's obsession with glasses of water annoying until it was discovered that it dissolved the aliens.

His son's horrible asthma condition. Life threatening and horrible and years of struggling, saved his life in the end.

Mel has a unique way of expressing himself. The aliens were really just a "get them into the theater" ploy. I truly believe his message.

We may not like the things that happen to us in our lives. They hurt and tear our hearts out, but they had to happen for a reason. We don't know that reason and most likely will not until it happens.

We must keep our Faith and learn from all experiences, good and bad.