Here is my Thankful list a day late--I needed to reflect and remember a bit...

I am thankful for/because:

  1. I have been truly blessed with three wonderful sons.
  2. I have loving caring parents.
  3. I met a wonderful guy and hopefully things will keep progressing.
  4. A great job that lets me have as much overtime as I need or want.
  5. I have a few really great friends.
  6. I have the ability to forgive and ask for forgiveness.
  7. My past has made me stronger, wiser and hopefully not too bitter.
  8. I live in a great country.
  9. Our Armed Forces and all that they do even though they don't agree or understand the cause for which they are fighting.

And my house. Even though I have been complaining about the mice. It is an old house but in a great location. Today I was reminded why I moved here. It was nice outside today and the boys could run in and out of both doors and I didn't have to worry about sex offenders, speeding cars, drug addicts or any thing else---THEY WERE SAFE!!!!

I checked on them regularly....but the neighborhood is so great. Nine houses on a dead in street that no one knows about.

God has truly blessed me...and I am thankful!!


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