Thanksgiving Pictures (finally)

Yes, it took me two days to drive 8 blocks and get my camera from my parents' house.

Quick note: My dad is a meat lover--- We had--Turkey, ham, beef ribs (not as good as the pork), pork ribs and shrimp. That was just the meat--then we had dressing, green beans, cranberry jellied stuff, smashed potatoes, rolls, 3 apple pies and 3 pumpkin pies, deviled eggs, 3 cans of black olives.....I think that's it.....anyway...here is the "MEAT FEAST"

AJ getting more shrimp--they went thru 6 lbs of it...

one platter of ribs---we had two platters on the table

Sydney scamming for scraps...

"PaPa" (my dad) carving the turkey.

Grammie (my mom) trying to look festive while telling me to "put that dang camera down!"

Alec demanding his ham!!! (it's grape juice not wine!!! )

Yes, he is still eating shrimp

Boys in their chairs...we are almost ready!!!


Whew...we didn't forget anything!!!!

Little boys playing!

Big boys going to go play!!

I thought Ashton went with them, but he fell asleep in the spare room watching TV.

and of course!!!! (see below)

My Chest!!

I mean.....GO BRONCOS!!!