Today hasn't been fun. But mainly work related.

I turned off AJ's cell phone (temporarily) until he pays me back his part of the overages. He started fussing at me...so to prove a point I turned mine off on Monday...I really haven't missed it that much. Of course I don't know how many horribly important calls I have missed. But oh well. My is being proved that you don't have to have a cell phone to live!!!!

I was mobbed by kids at daycare this morning which made me feel good. I guess my child hasn't been the only victim of her monster-ness.

I had just got all caught up last Friday at work. And now, because I have to fix everybody else's problems....I'm behind again.....it just sucks!!!

So, I am going to watch CSI tonight and try to forget about work for just a bit......


Blogger Dubs said...

OHhhhh I'm big into CSI. I'm so glad you're backed up by the littles :).. and yeah. Geez. Your son doesn't HAVE to have a phone. My goodness. LOL....

2/09/2006 5:44 PM  
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