Hell Hath No Furry--Like a Defensive Mom

Okay....in light of the below post.........(he-he)

Another eventful day in the life of PeeBugg.....

We were kinda running late this morning...but not bad. I dropped Ashton off at School, because we were too late to make the daycare bus. Got Alec to daycare, clocked him in and headed towards his class. We go there and I was hanging up his coat and he was talking to another little boy when this hand came from behind me and pushed him !!!!! and then a voice said...

"Get out of my way you stupid boy"

I did the major head turn and it was a parent!!! I stepped between her and Alec and looked right at her and said
"Excuse me, that is my son you pushed and said that to!" Alec peaked out from behind me to see what beast I was confronting.
"He, (trying to put her finger in his face) was in my way!"

I grabbed her wrist and brought it up about shoulder level and held it there tight.

"He is a child and my son, you will not treat him that way" She just looked at me and I stared back--teachers started gathering around to see what would happen.

A bit of history.....I went to school with this female (I no longer consider her a woman) she is physically handi-capped (DramaMama do the initials TA bring back any names). I have seen her slap, hit and verbally abuse her children at the daycare. I understand it can be frustrating to be handicapped...but her kids didn't do it and my certainly did not!!!!!

She finally looked down and said "excuse me" and walked around us. I stayed there with Alec until she left. His teacher was semi freaked out but didn't say anything. When I got back down to the office I explained to the owners what had happened and how I had, in the past, seen her treat her children. They didn't say anything horrible...but then again what could they say???

So, I get to daycare after work and there is a cop car.....the thoughts that ran thru my head. But, they had another issue of suspected abuse.....not pertaining to either one of us..... Went to go get Alec and there she was but this time she brought her husband. She wouldn't look at me and he was acting like super dad. I just walked on by and got Alec, they were gone by the time we got back down to the office.

In my opinion, she has always acted hateful and gets away with it because of her handi-cap. Now I do understand that a lot of the hate or anger can be from her handi-cap and the way society treats/accepts her. But that does not give her the right to inflict it on innocent by-standers. And she, or any one for that matter, does not have the right to demean or bully children.

So, I am sure I will burn some for my actions some day......but


Blogger Dubs said...

My eyes flippin' bugged out of my head. HOLY CRAP I WOULD HAVE TORE HER UP! LOL!!!!! I'm usually a buck five, non preggers, but I would have CLOCKED HER!

Don't mess with a mama's baby! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh that burns me up.


2/08/2006 8:28 PM  
Blogger flaredblond said...

People like that tick me off! I had two nursery workers do something simler. They yelled at my 1 year old for crying. Telling him to shut up and get up off the floor cry baby! I heard it and went off.People like that do not need to have kids. And it makes me mad they are the ones that have tons, when others that are loving can not have any! By the way , I would have slapped the crap out of TA!

2/09/2006 11:11 AM  
Blogger drama mama said...

You go mama! Yup...I remember her. She has kids???? And a husband???

Ok...I'm just plain mean!

2/09/2006 2:19 PM  
Blogger peebugg said...

3 kids...one about 16 and the other two are still in daycare...so I am guessing 4 and 5-ish....

and no you're not...and she has not changed..well maybe...she's meaner

2/09/2006 3:49 PM  
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