FWB??? WTF!!!!!

My lunar orbit must be oblong or the planets aren't aligned right or something, I have been having some overly emotional weird stuff going on.

I have been talking to this guy on line that actually seems normal and stable. We have even talked on the phone--and plus he as a job and TEETH!!!! Yee-Haw!!!

Anyway, he keeps asking me if I will come over. I have to keep explaining to him that I have 3 kids and I can't just drop everything and come over to his house. The whole come over to my house thing freaks me out anyway, why not go to a movie or meet at a restaurant and go dutch???

Well last night, I finally got brave and asked him just exactly what he was looking for. He told me he was looking for some one to have exclusive sex with and no other attachments. How can you do that???? Isn't that whole entire phrase an oxy-moron???? He wants to do what he wants when he wants. He did not mention anything about what the other person might want.

Anyway, I told him I was more interested in "Happily Ever After" then in FWB (Friend with Benefits). I mean, in theory, FWB is perfect...but theory doesn't have emotions and doesn't have to live day to day in this weird world. And the "F" in FWB means friend, isn't there some attachments to friends?? There is for me, I worry for them and I am happy when things go right. It's just part of being human.

After I told him all of this he got "butt hurt"!! Now I hate that expression, but in this instance it fits perfectly. I mean he was all bent out of shape because of what said. He said he wouldn't make me feel "used", he promised. I told him that no one is in control of how I feel but me, and his implication that he could have that power over me was a huge turn off.

To me I get a "little man" syndrome vibe from him. That he has to be in control in every way and he will go to any extreme to give himself that power. Add this to the fact that he drinks wine from a 32 oz "7211" glass with ice and you have a possible violent situation.

At least---I have learned from my past and I am not just diving in thinking I can "change" or "help" him. Now, I hit the ignore button on my messenger and continue jammin' to Yahoo LaunchCast Plus!!!!

I am hoping that the planets will change orbit soon!!!!!!!


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